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Introducing LG RED Powerful Heat Technology

The LG Multi F and Multi F MAX product lines have been expanded to include LGRED° Heat technology providing superior heating performance, even in the coldest climates. Ideal for residential and light-commercial applications, LGRED° is included on 18k, 24k, 30k, 36k, and 42k Btu/h capacities of the Multi F and F MAX all of which qualify for the ENERGY STAR® certification when matched with non-ducted indoor unit.

Key features include:

  • Extended operation range which includes continuous heating down to -13°F
  • 100% of rated heating capacity at 5°F
  • Factory-installed Base Pan Heater
  • Energy Efficient and may qualify for various federal and local rebate programs
  • Compatible with all existing Multi F indoor units, including the new 18k, 24k, and 36k Btu/h Vertical AHUs


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